Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is Kelly's
favorite manger!!

Jim and Kelly in front of
one of the many pretty manger
scenes at Temple Square.

Jim & Kelly took trax to Temple Square on New Years eve!!
The lights were beautiful as
always, and it was fun
trading people camera's &
take picture's!!

Here is Jim's sister Sharon,
it looks like she is either opening
or giving a gift, probably giving
which is only one of the things that make her such a beautiful women!!

Here is cute Sage holding her Hannah Montana doll, with just a few of her cousins in the background!!

Here are 2 proud daddy's holding there little boy's, Brian is on the left holding Justin and Kyle is on the right holding Sawyer,
too cute!!

This is a real cute picture of Jim's sister Jan, you can't tell but her earrings were flashers!!

We all chipped in and Sharon had this sketch made of Grandma's house in Moore, were she lived until she got married.
You can tell how much she liked it by the look on her face!!
Jim got a George Forman grill fom Scot. We have used it several times since Christmas, we are hoping it makes us lean, it sure does make a great hamburger!!

Kelly received a really cute necklace & earring set from Sharon, I also received a beautiful book called Reflections of Christ by Mark Mabry!!

Grandpa Peacock holding the newest
member of the Peacock clan little Elizabeth Grace

A cute picture of Mark and Natalie

J.D. got a really cool American Eagle shirt & cap from cousin Natalee, as you can see from the look on his face he like's them alot!!
J.D. drew David's name for christmas this
year, and he gave him Lincoln Logs!
His MOM said they have never had them
before so we hope he enjoy's them!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Kelly finally got a new camera from Santa, you can tell from the blurriness of the picture!! But we had a verry fun Christmas, we stayed in our matching p.j.'s all day long!!! It was fun to watch J.D. open his gift's, he got an x-box 360, a couple of fathead's(fatheads are life size vynal poster's) He got David Ortez baseball guy and a giant Boston Redsox logo's. He also got alot of gift cards for clothes. Then we went to Jim's parent's house for Christmas dinner and the opening of more gift's. We draw names so it is allway's fun to find out who got your name. I think there are 40 people so I am verry greatfull for the name drwaing!!! This s a cute picture of J.D. and one of his favorite cousins Sadi.