Monday, November 17, 2008

Here is a picture of E.Z. Lori & Bench's oldest son. I have been stalling to post this blog because I wanted to write the most perfect words. You all know we lost E.Z. July 1999 due to a accident he had on his Harley. I know he would be so proud of his girls, Jamie, Ashleigh & Shae, they are turning into beautiful young girls. Jamie is a great mom and works hard to give your girls all they want. We sure do miss you buddy,
At least we know you died doing something that you loved and that you are with Grandma Judy & Grandma Bench who I am sure are spoiling you !!! We know you'll be with us during hard times and good and as time goes by it gets easier but it's not the same.
So we will carry on like you would want us to do, but your in our hearts forever & always!

Here is Lori (can you find her) and a bunch of her friends that all shaved there heads when Lori lost her hair during her first bout of chemo. T.J. & Bench are there to. I Love ya sis, but I sure am glad all your guy friends did this!! GET YOUR SCREENINGS GIRLS!!!!

Here is T.J. and his dad Bench having a cold one on a hot day, looks like a barbecue to! Good times!!

Hereis is Kobe (lori & bench's grandson)
on halloween scary dracula guy!!