Saturday, November 15, 2008

Someone tried to t.p. our house last night. They only got this one tree. Pretty weak job if you ask me, could it have been GIRLS!! That's what I am thinking.

This one of the fun fun things Lori & Bench do every 24th of July. There grand kids ( and whoever else wants to) get to ride in the big bucket truck from Murray City,Bench's work, and be in the Murray City Parade!!
It is allot of fun Kelly did it a couple of years ago. Looks like Ashleigh & Shae got to be in the bucket this year, that is the best place to throw candy from!!! Jamie looks HOT
but I am sure a good time was had by all!!
Here is Kailie & grandma Lori enjoying
some macaroni salad at Kailie's 1st Birthday party. Kailie loves grandma's salad!! Lori is battling cancer for the second time around, so everyone remember her in your prayers!!!

Here is Cailie having some of her first birthday cake!!! Lori made Kelly wash her face when she was done, and she cried & cried, evil aunt Kelly. I Hope she forgets!!