Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who are theese people!!!

Yes J.D. it's your mom & dad 29 years ago

May I introduce Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Patty Kerr!!

Here is Patty & new hubby Mike. Can't you just see how much they Love each other, they both look and are verry happy!!!

This is Patty and her new husband Mike. They have been married about 1 1/2 years. Mike is a super nice guy and we all love him allot.He is a school teacher at a inner city school in Arizona, and the kids just love him. He is also car fanatic, he collects them races them & drives Patty crazy with them!! And Patty is a tow-truck driver!! She drives a real fancy Cadillac truck, it can carry 2 cars at once! She has surprised many a man when they see this beautiful woman tow away their cars, trucks, and motorcycles!! Just look how beutiful Patty is, we sure do miss you guys!!

Here is all the Bench's. Left to right:
T.J. holding his daughter Kaily, Kim, Lori, Jamie, Ashleigh, bottom,
Shae & Kobe.
Looking good you guy's!!

Oh noo!! My littel sister Patty moved to Arizona and look what happend to her!!!