Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello Family& Friends,

Just thought I would let everybody know J.D. had his acl surgery yesterday (December 15) and he is doing fine. Dr.Trawick took a little piece of his hamstring and a piece of a cadaver & doubled up his acl so it should be twice as strong!! The Dr. also said the surgery went extremely well and he should be able to play his catcher position again YEH!!!! He just has to rehab real hard and stay positive!!! He keeps reminding me he is a big boy and I don't have to keep after him to do his exercises ya right!! All that really matters is he is not in pain and he is healthy and strong. We Love Ya J.D.!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here is Jim's brother Scot making a trail for the big easter egg roll!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Aunt Jan is the coolest!! Look at her holding Bob the lizard. She is Jim's oldest sister but looks like his youngest!! Love you Jan!!
What a great shot of Kelly, J.D. & Jim
we are a small family but we sure do love
eachother. I am so proud of both of my
guys!! They are both so handsome and
I sure do love my handsome husband, and what's better is I know he love's me right back, blonde hair and all!!!

Zoom in and you can see some boy's on top of a huge cliff, OOOH SCARE ME!!
J.D. caught a lizard this year, I think
he named it Bob, he let it go before
we left Thankgoodness!!

Here is a good picture of Cathy, her son Spencer, Jim's sister Carol and Cathy's other son David blowing bubbles he no doubt got from the Easter Bunny!!

Here is J.D. on a cliff, he looks happy he made it to the top!!!

Here is Jim's little brother, his wife Jennifer, cousin John, J.D. & aunt Cathy shooting the breeze on the dessert. J.D.'s little cousin David is sitting in the chair Marley is the cute dog!!

Here is Jake and John having there lunch before the big Easter Egg roll, cute boy's!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1 2008 A very sad day at the Peacock house. A couple weeks ago J.D. tried out for the wrestling team, he came home & said his left knee hurt. We took him to the Dr.s and they sent him to get an MRI. Today the Dr told us he has a torn ACL. He tore his right ACL a couple of years ago so this means no Baseball this year. Our poor kid has had his heart set on baseball this year, so has mom but we will be ready to go for football senior year and baseball senior year.
We are getting 3 different DR.s opinions. And he is not in any pain so that is good. We LOVE our so much we HATE to see him hurt or disappointed in any way. But I don't think you ever stop worrying about your kids. I love you J.D. get better soon. LOTS & LOTS rehab YOU WILL BE SO STRONGER & BETTER THAN YOU WERE BEFORE!!!!