Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Here is Jennifer with her youngest Sadi she is also mom to Jake & Sage. Jenn is a great mom and she keeps hubby Scot in line. She is always up for a good game of cards, board game or any other fun activity. Sadi looks like she is enjoying a treat before she has to brush her teeth!!!

Here is Quinn with the fish again, I bet he will be a great outdoorsmen, just like his grandpa Jae and his various uncles & cousins. (and dare i say dad lol)

This is Wade showing his cutthroat to everyone. Quin REALLY liked holding it, Sadi not so much. Wade's new bride Kellie came camping for the first time in her life she was a real trooper, and Lot's of fun!!

This fun fun fun Aunt Jan, she is also BRAVE Aunt Jan. She has been battling breast cancer and still came up to camp with us. Aunt Carol won her battle with breast cancer and just announced she hit her 5 year mark!!! Both of these women are hero's in all our lives. GET YOUR SCREENINGS GIRLS!!!

Sadi & Quin stopping to give aunt Kelly a smile they are good buddies and fun to play with!!

This is cutie Quin, posing with our old dog Chewey

Here is Aunt Cathy with 2 of her 5 boy's, Spencer & John. I think they just won the scavenger hunt or we did the Mt.Dew taste test. Or maybe there giving the thumbs up to her oldest boy Nate who is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ in Africa!!
Here is uncle Jae, he is one of the more normal of us all! Jae is all way's making us laugh, up for a good game of horseshoes and can he barbecue a
mean hamburger!!! We sure do love this guy!!

Will you stop!!!